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Two Roads Theater
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Training Videos

Video 1 - Lighting System - On and Off

In this video we learn how to turn on/off the dimmers and lighting board.

Video 2 - Sound System - Turning On

In this video we turn on the sound system by turning on 1) a power strip, 2) the amp, and 3) the board. We also cover what input the amp needs to be on and briefly touch on the sound board patching / mains / amp levels.

Video 3 - House Lights / Work Lights - On, Off, and Fade

In this video I show you where to turn work light on and off (in the booth and on stage) as well as how to dim and turn on/off the house lights.

Video 4 - Lighting System - LED's, Master and Basic Usage

In this video I show you how to plug in the LED's, how to control them (with subs), how to set a look on stage and turn those stage lights off and on (using the Master).